For this project, I worked on location providing art direction on two consecutive photoshoots while designing the layouts and partnering with key stakeholders on messaging strategy. 

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The last catalog was in 2017 so the brand requested a new catalog for the spring 2019 season with a refreshed wedding aesthetic. I partnered with the in-house marketing team, merch team, and creative leadership to concept and develop the visual and messaging strategy for the wedding season. For a month and a half, I worked at a local photo studio sitting on set providing art direction for two ongoing photo sets working with a group of photographers, assistants, and stylists. 
Unfortunately, this catalog never went to print, however, the photography was used in a variety of digital projects and was a catalyst for change in the direction of the brands' photography. While this book didn't go to print, I was proud of the results.
Team Credits
Studio: KP Photo
Photographers: Craig Brown, Rosie Hillman, Clarissa Westmeyer
Assistants: Dustin Franz, Criss Davis
Set Stylists: Sharon Hynes, Kelley Shaffer

In-House team: Erin Raby, Wendy Liebhardt

Copywriting: Sean Rosenberg
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