Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag!

I'm Jen, a Senior Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Travel Blogger living in Cleveland, OH

One of the things I truly love about being creative is seeing a project you proposed come to life, it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of being in the creative field. 

With every project I work on, I take a holistic approach considering the big picture and every step in between while attempting to humanize the brand and relate to the viewer. My diverse creative background helps me develop and direct creative with a full understanding of the many challenges and needs while also providing a well-rounded perspective on the problem being solved. 

I currently work at Things Remembered as a Senior Graphic Designer for Print and Social Media, where I provide art direction for seasonal campaigns and photoshoots, design marketing collateral for in-store and catalog, as well as manage our social media accounts and content plan. 

For fun, I run a local/travel blog, laugh way too hard at Vine video compilations, plan future travel adventures, read a lot, try to learn French, Spanish and re-learn German languages, keep up on pop culture (my fountain of youth) and enjoy life in the cute, historic Cleveland neighborhood I live in with my husband Nathan and our twenty-year-old kitty Chloe Marie. 

Some Creative Facts About Me

I designed a handmade goods & jewelry line named Forelements. I ran a shop, directed look book photoshoots, and even sold my jewelry at Valerie Mayen of Project Runway’s local shop Yellowcake. 

I worked as a craft designer for 10 years developing projects, teaching, and creating marketing collateral. I picked up a lot of handy skills like making bows, knitting and crochet, custom framing, and floral design.

My creative education happened during the transition to digital so at least half of my education was the old way, the other half was digital. Learning many art skills manually has proven to be invaluable. 

Music is one of my most favorite things ever. I’ve found a side-gig as a live music photographer to be quite fulfilling. I’ve photographed hundreds of shows across ten US states and it’s such a thrill. 

Let's Connect

If you’d like to get in touch, drop me a line or visit me on one of my social media accounts.